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Progressive Toplife Kit 2x300ml Original - Top Life

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300ml of anti-rising shampoo
300ml Gloss Anti-Frizz Infusion Therapy 0% Formol

The Professional Toplife Hapillary Capillary Capillary Capillary Kit is composed of Gloss Infusion Therapy without Formol + Anti-Rescidu Shampoo, is indicated for all kinds of hair.

We put your health first. No blazing. No bad smell. No formol.
Professional toplife products are not tested on animals and have plant origin.

AntiRescurid Shampoo - 300 ml
Purifies the hair and the scalp.
PH 7.5
Developed carefully for all kinds of hair. It promotes a deep cleansing on the wires, removing the accumulated waste that leave the hair heavy, opaque and lifeless. It is indicated to prepare and open the yarn cuticle to receive capillary treatments.

Progressive Infusion Therapy Toplife Professional No Formol - 300 ml
Keratin + Sunflower Oil + Argan Oil + D'Panthenol
PH 4.0
Formulated with keratin (which reconstructs fiber) and argan oil (which gives brightness and softness). Indicated for all hair types, it reduces the volume, improves structure and provides smooth and natural aspect.

How to use

1 - Wash the hair with the Therapy Infusion Infusion Shampoo.
2 - Shampoo included in kit.
3 - Dry it 100% of the root to the tips.
4- Apply the Root Therapy Infusion Gloss and spread to the tips. (Use a brush or hands (with gloves) + a comb)
5 - Let the product act from 50 to 60 minutes. (Do not exceed the indicated time)
6 - Rinse 80% of the product.
7 - Dry the hair with the dryer, finalize with a brush and then pass the board in thin strands, from 15 to 20 times
8 - Arrase.

This kit render up to 10 applications depending on the size of the hair.

The progressive anti-frizz infusion therapy gloss can be used in any chemistry earlier in your hair except products containing lead, less than the percentage.
Give a range of 7 days on average to apply the anti-frizz infusion therapy gloss after performing any capillary chemical procedure. We recommend that you are made of Mecha test before application, without exception.

Pregnant women and women in breastfeeding can use the Professional Toplife kit.
The professional toplife has no contraindications for pregnant and lactating, but the medical recommendation is essential.

The professional toplife was created in order to meet the needs that the market has in relation to quality cosmetics products that do not harm health, offering for their consumers a healthy option to change, to experience changes in their lives.

We have as a mission always provide quality products and have excellence in care. Our line is facing the final public providing a professional result. Our products are not tested on animals and are of plant origin.

The professional toplife promotes instant capillary rejuvenation, keratin rich acts rapidly in the reconstruction of the capillary mass affected by chemical treatment. It turns the elastic and rubberized wires into fully healthy, soft and stronger hair.

Developed with exclusive technology based on a complex of amino acids that aims to recover the structure of the fiber. It has low molecular weight proteins and amino acids that acts in the spare of cortical mass, acting quickly repairing and rebuilding the entire area affected by the aggressions of chemical treatments. The non-Formol anti-frizz gloss was formulated with keratin, which reconstructs fiber, argan oil, which donates brightness and softness. Indicated for all kinds of hair, it reduces the volume, improves structure and provides natural smooth appearance