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Kit Brush Progressive Proenzyme F Biofactor - Proenzyme-f
  • Kit Brush Progressive Proenzyme F Biofactor - Proenzyme-f

Kit Brush Progressive Proenzyme F Biofactor - Proenzyme-f

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Product Manufacturer: Doctor Hair Do.ha
ProEnzyme F: Quick

Semi definitive brush that greatly reduces the volume of hair. Formulated with a complex of amino acid bioenzymes and acids that restore and revitalize the interior of the wires and also with copolymers, which transforms the external structure of the hair.

Step by Step Proenzyme F:

The new semi-definitive brush Doctor Hair (Biofactor) Proenzyme-F is a treatment that provides excellent volume reduction and reconstructs the texture of the dry and bulky hair. Recovers the wires from the lipid layer by filling out the empty spaces that arise by the use of chemicals of coloring, discolorations, or even by agents such as wind, sun, heat, pollution, or by the natural characteristics of the wires. Renews the texture of the hair, reduces the volume of the wires, realigning and promoting volume reduction, silky, brightness and softness.

1) Anti-waste shampoo - Wash your hair well 2 times with shampoo; The last hand leave the foam to act for about 3 minutes to open the cuticles well. At the end of the time of pause, rinse well. 100% shampoo rinsing is required not to get waste.

2) Semi-definitive volume reducer (1 liter): After activating the hair with the shampoo, remove the excess of the water with the towel and with the aid of the dryer dry about 60% at warm temperature. Apply the Volume Reducer Mecha to the wick over the hair winding the hair well, and with the help of a fine comb, spread well. This phase is very important, therefore a perfect penetration of the product in the wires should be observed; Wait 20 minutes of pause. After drying a 60% of hair with the dryer (it is not necessary to dry 100%), simply align the wires with hand help, comb or brush. After initiating the process of plans the hair in well-thin wicks (translucent). This product dispenses the final rinse, but if you want to do, wait 15 minutes and rinse.