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Discoloration Master Mechas Bleaching Powder Treatment 500g - Robson Peluquero

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Master Mechas Bleaching Powder is dust free, fast, uniform and progressive. Designed to be used in all professional hair bleaching, reflection, balancing, stripping and bleaching techniques. Thanks to the effect of the self protective formula, do not harm the wires.

It is an essential product for hair discoloration, its formula is unique, it was made with the highest technology to meet the needs of each client. 
Together with hydrogen peroxide or ammonia, the Master Mechas bleaching powder is responsible for perfectly bleaching the hair strands and removing the color pigments and oxygen de-pigments and opens the hair fiber so that it receives the hue.

After making discolorations, the hair needs some treatment that hydrates it and protects it from the damage caused by the chemicals.

Comment l'utiliser :
Mix the bleaching powder with hydrogen peroxide, select the strands to bleach.
Apply the mixture on each strand, let it act according to the tone you want to reach. Continue with the usual wick process.

Contient :
-1 RP Master Mechas Bleaching Powder 500g