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My Phios SOS Home Care Kit 2x 300ml / 2x 10.14 fl oz
  • My Phios SOS Home Care Kit 2x 300ml / 2x 10.14 fl oz

My Phios SOS Home Care Kit 2x 300ml / 2x 10.14 fl oz

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SOS Shampoo - Specially developed for sensitive and damaged hair. Formulated with Repairage, Luna Matrix and Argan extract, it acts by gently cleaning and repairing the fiber, helping to strengthen it by donating strength and resistance as well as vitality and naturalness.

How to Use: Apply to clean, damp hair, gently massage until it reaches all hairs evenly and foams well. Let it act for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse then finish as you wish. If you prefer, repeat the process.

SOS Conditioner - Moisturizing and Reconstructor rich in Repairage, Luna Matrix and Argan Oil. This blend of actives reduces the damage that causes structural changes in the fiber, dryness and breakage of the thread, restores the mass resistance proteins and vitamins, helping in the growth and Strengthening of the threads, hydrating and replacing all lost nutrients. Resulting in repaired, healthy and natural hair, with shine and softness.

How to Use: Wash with hair first to remove residues that oppose total foam formation. Rinse and repeat the process again, sliding the strands between your fingers. Leave on pause for 3 minutes in the second application. Rinse thoroughly.

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-01 Conditioner 300ml