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VIP Diamante Home Care Kit 4 - My Phios
  • VIP Diamante Home Care Kit 4 - My Phios

VIP Diamante Home Care Kit 4 - My Phios

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MyPhios Professional's VIP Diamond line is a high-performance treatment. The Diamond line contains innovative actives, among them: Hyaluronic acid, D'Pantenol, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil. Salon treatment, technology and the scent of fine perfumery. This capillary treatment restores, revitalizes, hydrates, nourishes and rebuilds, in addition to giving vitality to the hair. The micro particles present in its formulation give three-dimensional shine to the hair. It preserves the color and harmonizes the threads with the power of hyaluronic acid. It has extreme ability to replace the mass, repairing, moisturizing and reconstituting any area fragmented by the exaggerated use of chemical products or by atmospheric and mechanical action, restoring the naturalness and life to the hair. MyPhios Diamond VIP treatment is a success, a high-performance treatment with immediate results. Restored, healthy hair with a three-dimensional shine. Quality actives, state-of-the-art technology and the scent of fine perfumery.

Vip Diamante Shampoo - nourishing and restorative shampoo, specially developed for sensitive and damaged hair. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and D'Panthenol, it acts by gently cleaning, repairing and rebuilding the hair fiber. Helps in strengthening by donating strength, resistance and shine to the hair, in addition to vitality and naturalness. Provides excellent hydration, improving the texture and softness of the hair, preventing the formation of split ends.

Vip Diamond Conditioner - Moisturizing and Restorative rich in Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter and D'Panthenol. This blend of actives reduces the damage that causes structural changes in the fiber, dryness and hair breakage, replenishes the mass by donating resistance, proteins and vitamins. It confers more vitality and beauty to the wires, providing intense shine.

VIP Diamond Mask - Capillary treatment developed with the latest technology, rich in Innovative actives. This asset blend has the extreme ability to hydrate, rebuild and protect the wires. Repairs and revitalizes any area fragmented by the exaggerated use of chemical products or by atmospheric and mechanical action, restoring naturalness and life to the hair. The micro particles present in its formulation give a three-dimensional shine to the hair. The present technology, in addition to preserving the color and revitalizing the thread, at the same time harmonizes with the power of hyaluronic acid.

Leave in Vip Diamante - treatment for leave-in hair, highly moisturizing and revitalizing hair finisher, which provides volume control and excellent combability with an anti-frizz effect. Color protection and thermal protection for the wires. Formulated with D'Panthenol and Coconut Oil, it promotes hydration, three-dimensional shine, ease of detangling and softness without weighing hair down.

Harmonization of the hair fiber, silky touch,
Total revitalization and color protection,
Frizz reduction, Thermal protection, hair strengthening,
Three-dimensional shine, capillary hydration, capillary nutrition and hair restoration.
RESULTS: Hair completely recovered and hydrated, Emollient strands and a lot of shine, Hair fiber rebuilt and with vitality.

ACTIVE: Contains assets from the three stages of the capillary schedule, hydration for all types of hair. Mask, conditioner and light in released for low poo technique.

HYALURONIC ACID: The use of hyaluronic acid in the hair in the form of a mask or any other hair product that contains it, is carried out in the hair zones most affected by the sun, by dyes, by the abuse of hair dryers and straighteners and by other environmental factors that affect hair health in general and the cuticle in particular. The result is healthier, repaired and shiny hair. In addition, it is one of the most effective ingredients for repairing split ends and preventing color loss in natural or dyed hair.

D'PANTENOL: When applied to the hair, D-panthenol activates pantothenic acid, responsible for the good performance of enzymes and essential for restoring and balancing the levels of proteins and lipids in the scalp. The substance composed of microscopic particles, penetrates moderately through the hair shaft, taking care of the strands and reaching the root of the locks, immediately leaving the hair with a more hydrated, healthy and silky look. Thus, the product is indicated to restore the hair, leaving the strands protected and preventing breakage and hair loss. According to experts, when used for a long period, it is possible to obtain consistent and very effective results.

COCONUT OIL: Forms a protective layer on the hair fiber and protects the hair against major external aggressions. Contributes to frizz reduction and volume reduction.

SHEA BUTTER: Helps retain moisture, leaving hair nourished, shiny, soft and supple.

How to Use: Apply Vip Diamante Shampoo to damp hair. Gently massage until foam forms. Rinse all product, repeat application if necessary. With the hair still damp, apply a sufficient amount of the Vip Diamante Mask on the strands, massage and let it act for 05 to 10 minutes. Rinse and then use the Vip Diamante conditioner. Rinse, remove excess water and apply levea in Vip Diamante. Gently massage the hair until the light is absorbed. Finish as you wish, no need to rinse.

-01 Shampoo 300ml
-01 Conditioner 300ml
-01 Leave-in 150ml
-01 Mask 250g