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My Phios VIP Diamante Mask 1Kg / 35.27 fl oz
  • My Phios VIP Diamante Mask 1Kg / 35.27 fl oz

My Phios VIP Diamante Mask 1Kg / 35.27 fl oz

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VIP Diamond Mask Capillary treatment developed with the latest technology, rich in Innovative actives. This asset blend has the extreme ability to hydrate, rebuild and protect the wires. Repairs and revitalizes any area fragmented by the exaggerated use of chemical products or by atmospheric and mechanical action, restoring naturalness and life to the hair. The micro particles present in its formulation give a three-dimensional shine to the hair. The present technology, in addition to preserving the color and revitalizing the thread, at the same time harmonizes it with the power of hyaluronic acid, karate butter, coconut oil and D'panthenol.

exclusive shape
Hair Harmonization
total revitalization
Imported fragrance
three-dimensional glow
Hyaluronic acid
pH 3.8-5.2

How to Use: Apply the Vip Diamante Mask to damp hair throughout the sensitized area, distributing it well until you notice uniformity in the application. Let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse and finish as desired.

-01 VIP Diamond Mask 1Kg