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Extreme Length Sealer Finisher 50ml - Redken
  • Extreme Length Sealer Finisher 50ml - Redken

Extreme Length Sealer Damaged Hair Split End Treatment Finisher 50ml - Redken

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Tip sealing treatment for brittle hair, with difficult growth. Redken Extreme Length Sealer provides resistance to the wires so that they do not break, in addition to keeping the cuticles sealed so that they do not get split ends.

With a formula rich in high technology and nourishing actives, it manages to resist hair fibers, so that they do not break. That way, your hair grows healthy to reach a longer length. Redken Extreme Length Sealer has an applicator with a brush-shaped nozzle, facilitating precise application. Your hair is strong to grow healthy and free of split ends.

With the use of the Redken Extreme line, combining the Length Sealer and Primer, your hair grows up to 15cm a year *.

Biotin and Interlock Protein Network: reconstructs the protective surface of the hair, conditions it progressively and increases the strength of the strands from the inside.

How to use:
Apply the sealer over the length and ends of dry or damp hair, especially on the ends. Do not rinse. For a complete result use after the Redken Extreme Length Primer.

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