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Kit Arvensis Gelatin 250g + Day After 250ml - Arvensis
  • Kit Arvensis Gelatin 250g + Day After 250ml - Arvensis

Kit Arvensis Gelatin 250g + Day After 250ml - Arvensis

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Developed to hydrate, nourish, activate and define curls. The entire Cachos Naturais range offers an effective treatment that leaves hair soft, manageable and illuminated.

Its main active ingredients provide amino acids and proteins for functional fiber nutrition, functional hydration; restores the elasticity of the threads, gives high moisturizing power, deep nutrition and therefore more vitality to the hair.

Indication: Wavy and curly hair (2A / 2B / 2C / 3A).

Main actives: coconut oil; Vegetable Collagen.

To intensify the shape of the curls, this Jelly Cachos Naturais promotes the formation of a protective film, maintains hydration and gives an incredible memory effect on the wires, providing high fixation and modeling without compromising the natural balance. Enriched with sunscreen, it still protects against external aggressions. (250g) - neutral pH

Curly hair often suffers from a wrinkled look, excessive frizz and loss of curl definition. With this in mind, Arvensis has developed Day After, a memory effect spray that gives hair ultra definition, in addition to promoting hydration, elasticity, frizz control, shine and softness. With a formulation enriched with sunscreen, it protects the hair from the harmful action of UV rays and oxidation - which leads to premature graying of the hair. (250ml) - pH 3.5 - 4.5