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Restore System Protection Mass Replenisher Treatment Hair Kit 4 Itens - Aneethun

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The restore line, with anti-damage action, allows you to perform coloring, bleaching and straightening techniques safely, due to its exclusive technology, which strengthens protein bridges, replenishes lipids and hair mass, preserving the structure and integrity of the wires. Aneethun restore finisher It offers thermal protection, restores vitality, elasticity and resistance to the hair.

Expected results: healthy resistant hair

Amino-pro: composed of an exclusive formula that acts on the hair fiber, joining the protein bridges, making them more resistant to undergo chemical aggression. In addition to restoring damaged connections and replacing lipids and hair mass, preserving the integrity of the wires. Its anti-damage action maintains hair health before, during and after chemical processes.

Pitaya: powerful anti-oxidant action, which prevents aging and fading of colors in the hair, as it is rich in vitamin c and e.

- intensely protects the hair during chemical processes;
- high power of reconstruction;
- increases the density of damaged strands;
- restores hair's tensile strength and increases its resistance to breakage;
- intense antioxidant power;
- suitable for all types of chemistry;
- exclusive technology, which strengthens protein bridges, in addition to replenishing lipids and hair mass;
- when used in coloring, it increases the durability and intensity of the color, in addition to not interfering with the coverage of whites;
- more uniform whitening;
- visible results from the first application;
- leaves hair healthy, soft and with intense shine;
- excellent value for money.

-01 Restorative Shampoo 300ml
-01 Restorative Mask 250g
-01 Restorative Finisher 250g
-01 Restorative Booster 40ml