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Mar & Rios Mariana Rios Home Care Kit 4 - Forever Liss
  • Mar & Rios Mariana Rios Home Care Kit 4 - Forever Liss

Mar & Rios Mariana Rios Home Care Kit 4 - Forever Liss

The Forever Liss always innovating on what is most modern and revolutionary in Hair straightening has just brought to the market for the cosmetics Brush Progressive Ingel Maxx promises to be the solution to the hairdressers leaving their customers completely satisfied with a straight hair, so quick and easy use...

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This is the treatment you were looking for to hydrate and nourish your hair deeply, without losing the lightness and movement of the strands. high tech cosmetics.

Mariana Rios Shampoo promotes a gentle cleaning to strengthen the daily care of the threads. Eliminates dead cells from the scalp and prepares the strands to receive all the actives present in the line. The Mariana Rios Hydronutritive Capillary Mask contributes to an efficient capillary schedule. Assists in the recovery of damaged hair, promoting shine and softness.

The Mariana Rios Conditioner has an emollient action. It helps to reduce frizz and has an antioxidant action, in addition to sealing the cuticles for greater protection of the hair.

In turn, Leave-in Spray Mariana Rios provides thermal protection, in addition to facilitating combing and intensifying the shine and softness of the strands.

Enriched with Patauá Oil, Seaweed Extract, Caviar Extract and Jasmine Sambac Extract, the line guarantees a silky texture and much more aligned strands, with less frizz and volume. It is even indicated for oily and fine threads, which ask for light compositions and practical applications.

Line suitable for all hair types, promoting deep hydration and nutrition without weighing the strands down.

Seaweed Extract: Brings regeneration and a refreshing sensation to the scalp and hair, in addition to promoting intense shine and softness.

Caviar Extract: Promotes hydration and nutrition, softening hair static and breakage, in addition to strengthening hair against external aggressions.

Patauá Oil: With high antioxidant properties, it revitalizes and strengthens the threads, especially after chemical treatments, restoring shine.

Jasmin Sambac Extract: Deeply nourishes the hair, contributing to the regeneration of the hair fiber and the fight against frizz.

Gentle cleaning
Powerful hydration without weighing down the hair
Intense nutrition
Wires lined up
Maximum softness and shine
Frizz and volume reduction
Lightness for the wires
Thermal protection
Revitalizing damaged hair.

How to use:
01. Apply Mariana Rios Forever Liss Shampoo directly to damp hair and massage gently;
02. Repeat the application to remove residues that do not allow the complete formation of foam;
03. Let it act for 3 minutes;
04. Rinse and remove completely;
05. Apply the Mariana Rios Hydronutritive Capillary Mask to the still damp strands, spreading over the entire length;
06. Massage strand by strand
07. Let it act for 5 minutes and rinse until the product is completely removed;
08. Then apply Mariana Rios Forever Liss Conditioner;
09. Massage strand by strand, gently covering the entire length of the hair;
10. Let it act for 3 minutes;
11. Rinse normally;
12. Apply Leave In Spray Mariana Rios Forever Liss and finish the hair as desired.

Hydrated, shiny and soft hair, with incomparable lightness and movement.

The result of the product may vary according to the state and conditions of each type of hair.

01 - Mariana Rios Forever Liss Shampoo - Mar & Rios 250ml
01 - Mariana Rios Forever Liss Conditioner - Mar&Rios 250g
01 - Mariana Rios Forever Liss Hydronutritive Capillary Mask - Mar&Rios 250g
01 - Leave In Spray Mariana Rios Forever Liss - Mar&Rios 170ml