Hydra-Intense Damaged Hair Recovery Hydrovance Treatment Kit 4 Prod. - Sillage

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The Hydra-Intense® Line was developed for the total recovery of damaged hair. An association of 2 active agents promotes all the necessary conditions for the repair of the capillary structure and also for the maintenance of healthy and shiny hair.

The Hydra-Intense® favors the complete recovery of damaged hair. Its formula contains Hydrovance®, a powerful moisturizer that repairs the hair fiber and promotes shine, increased elasticity and flexibility of the hair. In addition, it has a compound of essential vitamins responsible for nutrition and protection of hair against external agents. Ideal for the treatment of hair damaged by chemical processes (progressive brushes, straightening, relaxing, dyeing) and physical aggression (sun, excessive use of dryers and flat iron). Can be used daily.

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