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Richée Bioplástica Brazilian Progressive Kit Profissional (2x2,5L)

1 Richée BioPlástica Anti-waste Shampoo 2,5L

1 Richée BioPlastic Capillary Texturizer 2,5L

The Richée Bioplastic Progressive Brush Kit was developed especially for hair straightening. Its multi-control formula is enriched with a blend of Omega Plus oils and nourishing agents that reclaim, line and treat the threads. Without formaldehyde, it uses the active power of Acetic Acid and Hyalonic Acid to reduce volume while eliminating frizz. The result is natural straight hair with movement and mirrored shine.

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Richée Bioplastic Brazilian Progressive  Professional Kit (2x2,5L) - How to use?

Step 1

Apply the Richée BioPlastic Anti-rust Shampoo to damp hair, gently massaging. Rinse. Repeat the operation, beginning with the tips and gently slide to the root. Let it act for a moment. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 2

Remove excess moisture, divide the dios into 4 parts and apply Richée BioPlastica Capillary Texturizador, wick to wick, keeping 1 cm away from the root. Leave on for 10 minutes. Make a brush, drying the hair 100%. Finish by plucking in thin wicks, 7 to 10 times each. Rinse.