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Brazilian Progressive Speed Liss 3 em 1
  • Brazilian Progressive Speed Liss 3 em 1

Brazilian Progressive Speed Liss 3 em 1

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Speed ​​Liss Progressive Brush is a treatment that disengages, reduces frizz, eliminates static electricity, closes the cuticles of the wires and protects from the dryness caused by dryer heat and pollution. Speed ​​Liss is compatible with all chemicals and hair types. Free of ammonia and other chemical derivatives, compatible with all chemicals, it recovers dry and damaged wires in the first application. Reduces volume, returns movement, shine and softness of hair strands.

Suggested Use:

After washing, remove excess water from the hair by lightly pressing the threads with a towel.

Dry the hair thoroughly with a blow-dry, brush-free product.

Break the hair into parts and apply the treatment in fine wicks.

On each strand, thread the fine comb several times.

Leave on for about 30 minutes.

Without rinsing, dry the hair by making a smooth brush.

Clip the hair with the iron in thin wicks, 7 to 10 times each wick.

Rinse the hair thoroughly with water and then wipe dry with the dryer (no brushing required).