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Perfectliss - Kit Brazilian Progressive Turmalina (3x1000ml)
  • Perfectliss - Kit Brazilian Progressive Turmalina (3x1000ml)

Perfect Liss - Kit Brazilian Progressive Turmalina (3x1000ml)

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01- Shampoo Dilator (1000ml): It promotes an intensive cleaning, allowing the cuticles to open. Without added salt, it is suitable for all types of hair.

01-Treatment Conditioner Antifrizz (1000ml): In its formula-enriched with Tourmaline and a combination of emollient compounds, it helps in the reconstruction of the dead fibers, recovering the elasticity of the yarns and reducing the frizz of natural form.

01- pH Restructuring and Stabilizer (1000ml): Provides antioxidizing and strengthening action, provides pH balance, giving hair flexibility, movement and natural beauty.


How to use:

1 - With damp hair, apply Dilator Shampoo Nº1 and massage well along the length of hair. Rinse and repeat the application two more times, letting it pause if necessary.


2 - Shake before use, after washing the hair with Dilator Shampoo # 1, dry the threads and apply Volume Treatment # 4. Using a fine comb, spread the product evenly over the entire length of the hair, and then, using a dryer, align the wires, to close this step use the thermal plate.


3 - With damp hair, apply a generous portion of Balancer System # 5 throughout the length of hair, massage gently and leave to act for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.



- Hydrated, smooth, with a treated capillary structure, malleability and you look even more beautiful with natural straight hair.