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Maria Escandalosa Brazilian Smoothing - 2 x 1L

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A hair restoration treatment with thermal activation, Maria Escandalosa Brita Progressiva reaches the Brazilian market as a revolutionary novelty.

For curly and curly hair, the Maria Escandalosa Progressive Brush is an option for anyone who wants to reduce the volume and keep the wires aligned and without any frizz.

With an impressive result, the hair is full of life and with an impressive movement with the Maria Escandalosa Progressive Brush.

The Maria Escandalosa Brillo Progressiva formula has Argan oil, which acts from the first application, recovering the damaged yarns, restoring the flexibility of the brittle yarns and aligning the wicks.

As a deep moisturizing to the hair, the Maria Escandalosa Progressive Brush leaves the wires even and full of balance. Compatible with other chemicals, this product can be used on any type of hair.

The blend of amino acids and vitamins that are present in the Maria Escandalosa Progressive Brush realigns the strands of your hair and rebuilds the hair fiber, leaving your hair with a smoother and smoother effect like you've never seen it before.


01- Shampoo Escandaloso - 1 Liter

01- Escandalosa Mask - 1 Liter

Implementation Council:

To apply to Maria Escandalosa Progressive Brush in your hair, start washing the hair with the scandalous shampoo, to clean and remove all the residue and impurity of the hair. Wash until the cuticles are completely open. Next, the next step of Maria Escandalosa Progressive Brush is to dry your hair virtually all over 90% of the hair. Divide into small locks and apply step 2, the scandalous Mask. Keep a safe distance from the root - up to 1.5cm.

The action time of the product is 10 minutes. Wait and then wait for a brush to dry the hair completely. The last stage of the Maria Escandalosa Progressive Brush is after drying, split the hair into wicks again and pass the wick board to wick, 10 to 15 times. Rinse again to remove all the product from the hair, and finish as you wish.


With Maria Escandalosa Progressive Brush your voluptuous and undecided hair will be shaped and aligned with a spectacular reduction in volume and elimination of frizz, as well as moisturize and recover hair deeply.