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Keratin treatment Cosmetica Argentina

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Argentina's Argentine Cosmetic Progressive Brush Is A Volume Reducer And Smooth Effect Treatment That Promises To Kill The Frizz And Realign The Strands In The First Application. Leaves Wires Loose And Oily. You Apply And Take The Product On The Same Day And Surprise It With The Intense Brightness Provided By Progressive Argentina. The Kit Contains 2 Steps And Is Perfect For You Wanting A Smooth Effect Without Damaging All Hair!


Curly Hair, Curly Hair, Frizz Hair, Bulky Hair.


Contains Formol In Dose Permitted By Law.

How to use:

Step 1 - Anti Shampoo Demineralizing Residue:

- Wet The Hair And Apply The Shampoo Massaging The Yarn Softly. Rinse Afterwards. For Best Result, Repeat Operation.

Step 2 - Active Anti Volume / Crystallization / Coconut Oil Term:

- After Shampoo, Remove Excess Moisture And Apply Uniformly Throughout The Extension Of The Wires. Let It Take For 10 Minutes And With A Towel Remove The Excess Of Product From The Wires. Dry, Brush And Surfboard.


- Volume Reduction And Smooth Effect

- End Of Frizz And Undisciplined Hair

- Intense Brightness

- Lasting Effect.


- Step 1 - Anti Shampoo Demineralizing Residue: 1 Bottle Of 1 Liter

- Step 2 - Active Term Anti Volume / Crystallization / Coconut Oil: 1 Bottle of 1 Liter