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Braé Bond Angel Plex Effect Kit Profissional 500ml (3x500ml)

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Bond angel

So simple, so safe, so blond.

Unleash your creativity with the most powerful supporting partner for your professional talent. Very easy to use, Bond Angel co-creates perfect platinum, smooth, flawless finish, or any other chemical processing, making hair even stronger, healthier, and gorgeous.

Luxurious platinum-plated shades,


and without risk.

Bond Angel multiplies and protects the sulfide bridges, preventing damage and breakage. So it reaches the desired platinum blonde or any other chemical transformation result with total safety and vitality to the threads, making them stronger than ever.

1. Add 2 mL of Step 1: Bond Maker to every 10 g of bleaching powder.

2.Add the desired hydrogen peroxide.

3. Mix until homogeneous, apply normally to the wires by performing the standard process for discoloration.

4. Rinse the hair only with water.

5. Apply 20 mL of Step 2: Bond Reconstructor to the wires.

6. Try spreading equally. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse.

7. Apply the shampoo, conditioner or toner of your choice.