The five habits you should adopt when you have damaged hair



The road to healthy, healthy hair is paved with products, potions, proteins and conditioners ...

If your hair is very damaged, split, burnt by the sun and brittle, it's time to take your hair in hand. It's easy to forget that our hair can be very fragile. Exposure to sun, hair dryer, straightener, and even daily brushing can be expensive. There is no machine to go back in time and we must not forget that the repair of damaged hair will not happen overnight.

However, if you follow these good habits your hair will surely find the way to healing.




The products we use and even the water we use to remove the products we apply to our hair, can alter the shine of our hair.

This is called the build-up. It is the accumulation of product residues in the hair that makes them dull, limp, lifeless, and weakens even the tips. Getting rid of getting build-up is the first step to repair the damage and have healthier hair. A good clarifying shampoo or apple cider vinegar in rinse water are excellent options for removing build-up, hard water deposits, and mineral build-up on your hair.

The regularity of this clarifying treatment really depends on the products you use and the water coming out of your tap but the average would be once a month.




One of the greatest culprits of hair damage is the sun. The colors fade, the tips dry out, the hair is weakened.

If you do not protect your hair against UV rays it is time to start even out of the summer season, as for the skin, the sun is harmful all year round.

These tips provide an excellent starting point to start protecting your hair from the sun. After a long day of sun exposure (outings to the beach, hiking, outdoor sports activities), give your hair a deep moisturizing treatment to limit the damage and help your hair stay in perfect condition.




To infuse moisture and emollients in your hair, professionals advise to do heated oil treatments. These treatments also protect the hair against the risk of breakage. These hot oil treatments are simple to do at home. Apply your damaged hair oil (or other moisturizing oil) generously on clean hair and towel dried. Some of our favorites are CHI Silk Infusion or Marrocanoil Treatment. You can also simply go through your cooking and try olive oil or lemongrass oil. Cover your hair with a shower cap or a film of food film and then apply heat with a hot towel,

After the oil has warmed up, let your hair cool to room temperature, and finally rinse with cold water.

Hot oil treatments can be performed one to three times a month depending on the degree of damage and dryness of your hair.

Be careful, too much oil can give your hair a greasy appearance, so be careful not to abuse it.




A weekly deep conditioning treatment is a must to repair the damage on your hair and prevent damage and brittle hair to come.

All treatments are not the same, it is important to find a deep conditioner that works with your hair type, do not weigh them down and not grease them.




Let's face it the solution against the forks remains the scissors ... Only the cut can overcome split ends. Just cut a few inches, this will eliminate some of the damage and make the repair process a little easier.