Your hair hates you sometimes ... It's true, and we all know that we are (or have been) guilty of mistreating them. If your hair could talk, they would tell you to stop doing the following immediately!


1. It's getting hot here ...



If you're used to drying your hair at high temperature by adding a little iron straightener every day, your hair is screaming! Here are some tips to combat heat:


• Try adding a diffuser to your hair dryer when drying. Not only will it reduce the flow of warm air, but it will allow your natural texture to appear at its best, reduce frizz, and improve the shine of your hair.



• If your frizz is just too difficult to handle, consider a keratin-smoothing (or Brazilian smoothing) treatment such as Nouar Maxx treatment for a long-lasting frizz solution. It will make the texture of your hair more manageable.



• When using the straightener, always use a thermal protector like this product.



2. Cleaner does not necessarily mean more beautiful!



Daily shampoo can lead to more problems than you think. Indeed this can dry out your hair and your scalp without forgetting that your color may fade very quickly. Your hair begs you to lift your feet.

 Here are some tips for managing the transition:

• Make sure you wash your hair properly. It sounds basic, but the technique is the key. The washing (and especially a thorough rinse) can help prolong your shampoo by removing excess oil and the effect "build-up" (accumulation of products in the hair that makes them sticky and impervious to the care they are given brings)



• Make sure to use the right shampoo for your type of scalp (use a conditioner to treat your dry tips and frizz). Moisturizing shampoos are not good for oily scalps and volumizing shampoos should be avoided if you have a dry scalp.


• Try to space the shampoos using dry shampoo to help absorb excess oil and even sweat after a workout.


3. Do not ignore your scalp!


When it comes to your scalp, the more you know, the better it is. Scalp problems should not be ignored. If your scalp is dry, or you have itching or dandruff problems, it's important to know how to solve the problem before it becomes more serious.


4. Stop the hair procrastination


It may be time to make an appointment with the hairdresser. You deserve it and the same goes for your hair. Regular cuts help to have beautiful hair, less brittle and less forked.


5. Understand hair care

It is important to take good care of your hair with products and treatments adapted to your hair type, climate and season.