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Steel Shield Thermo Acrylic Formaldehyde Free 1L - 1Ka
  • Steel Shield Thermo Acrylic Formaldehyde Free 1L - 1Ka

Steel Shield Thermo Acrylic Formaldehyde Free 1L - 1Ka

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1Ka. Steel Thermo Acrylic Restructuring Capillary 1000 ml

The 1Ka. Steel Thermo Acrylic is a treatment based on a blend of ten amino acids, Glyoxylic acid and essential oils. Developed with modern and exclusive technology, it provides treatment and great reduction of hair volume.

Due to its effective treatment, it allows to color and discolor the hair immediately after its use, without risk of loss of the process, nor to interfere in the result.

The 1Ka. Steel Thermo Acrylic is an exclusively professional product, based on 
Glyoxylic Acid , Acrylate and Acqua Fixer.

It is a blend developed to reduce the pH of hair by changing the fiber in its sulfur bonds and thus allowing a new shape to the wires.

With the 1Ka.Steel Thermo Acrylic, the hair becomes smoother, healthier and beautiful. 

Its formula does not contain Formol, nor Carbocysteine ​​and Glutaraldehyde.

The 1Ka treatment. Steel Thermo Acrylic can be used in various types of hair as it 
is compatible with all previously used chemical treatments such as: coloration, discoloration, Keratin, Guanidine, Ammonia, Lithium and Sodium. 
However, we recommend that a hair test be performed (wick test) to check the resistance of the wires.

The yield of 1Ka. Steel Thermo Acrylic Restructuring Capillary can vary according to the 
type of hair applied (length and thickness).

After the application you should retouch the hair depending on the growth of the hair.

1Ka. Steel Thermo Acrylic is the second step of the 1Ka treatment, so it should be used soon after the use of the 1Ka.Shampoo Pre Treatment.

Registration in Anvisa nº 343/05 through nº 25351.148941 / 2011-35

How to use 1Ka. Steel Thermo Acrylic Hair Restructuring 

1) Wash the hair 3 times with the cleaning shampoo 1Ka. and dry them 100%. Divide into 4 parts and start applying the nape without touching the scalp. After application, pause: for fine hair for 10 minutes, for medium hair for 15 minutes and for thick hair for 20 minutes. 2) After the break, dry the hair with the product in 100%, separate fine waxes and plank: in medium and thick hair at 210ºC (degrees Célcius) and in fine or light hair at 190ºC (degrees Célcius). 3) Rinse the hair, reduce moisture with towel and apply the Natural Mask 1Ka. Pause for 10 minutes, rinse and finish as desired.


Keep the product in a cool place away from direct sunlight and out of reach of children and pets. In case of sensitivity or allergy to any 
component of the formula, discontinue use. External use.

About 1Ka.

1Ka. is a Brazilian brand and was created to improve people's self-esteem through high technology capillary products. Its product line counts on advanced technical center, carefully designed to test and to develop special resources that guarantee practicality and professional quality to the treatment of the hair.

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