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Plastica De Argila 500ml - Cadiveu
  • Plastica De Argila 500ml - Cadiveu

Plastica De Argila 500ml - Cadiveu

La discipline Plastic Hair Cadiveu et récupère les cheveux et est spécialement développée pour ceux qui ont besoin de plus de soin à cause de la sécheresse provoquée par les procédures chimiques et des agents thermiques comme séchoirs et plaques lissantes. Le produit fournit également une douceur incroyable et une sensation soyeuse aux cheveux, en plus de conférer une ...

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The Plastic Hair Cadiveu discipline and recovers the hair and is developed especially those who need more care as a result of dryness caused by chemical procedures and thermal agents as dryers and straightening plates. The product also provides incredible softness and silky feel to the hair, besides conferring a perfect smoothing that reduces volume and eliminates frizz.
Suitable especially for hair that went through various chemical processes, offers hair recovery, reduction of volume and hydration.

How to use:

- Wash hair with Shampoo Revitalizing Plastic clay (Step 1) , gently massaging the scalp and rinse thoroughly then. Repeat to completely remove the waste yarn;

- Remove excess wire water pressing gently with a towel, without rubbing; 

- Separate the hair into 6 parts and apply the Plastic Mask Clay (Step 2) in each with a brush or even by hand; 

- Comb the wicks for better distribution of the product and enluve each for 5 minutes. Do not rinse; 

- yet with Clay Mask (Step 2) in the wires, apply the Finisher Plastic clay Fluid (Step 
3) for its entire length (the hair with oily skin, apply at a distance of 2 fingers of leather) . 

- Massage leather and wire and enluve the locks again. Let stand for 5 minutes. 

- Rinse thoroughly wires with lukewarm to cool water, removing any excess product; 

- Apply a few drops of fluid Finisher (Step 3) again and proceed with the drying wires.


- Hair 100% healthy, strong and restored! 


-1 Revitalizing shampoo 500ml

-1 Clay mask 500ml

-1 Finishing fluid 500ml



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