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List of products by brand Macauba Brasil

Macaúba Brasil is a professional cosmetics company, focused on beauty salons, elected in Europe the first and only brand of Brazilian cosmetics as a worldwide trend.

Macaúba Brasil researches, develops, produces and markets innovative cosmetics, based on principles of Brazilian nature, to make women and men more satisfied with their self-image.

The history of the company began in 1937, with 80 years of tradition in intellectual capital, when the heiress took the drug manuscripts of the grandfather apothecary, for federal university to unveil the secrets: learn more about the history by clicking here.

We have a commitment to Brazilianness and sustainability, using a 100% national raw material: macaúba oil, with immediate results. Part of it harvested on the farms themselves. The company has leading researchers such as doctors, pharmacists, chemists and anthropologist.

The result is to satisfy the desires of a new consumer looking for functional super premium products, which, very well informed, knows how to choose.